Review on Daiso Japan's Dehumidifier
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Review on Daiso Japan’s Dehumidifier

I went to Robinsons Place Manila in Ermita several weeks ago and I dropped by a couple of favorite stores. I bought some knickknacks, including a dehumidifier, and here is my review on Daiso Japan’s Dehumidifier.

Daiso Japan store is probably one of my go-to places when I need to buy some home essentials at a cheaper price. When I went there, I was actually looking for a laundry net, mothballs, and kitchen fragrance. The dehumidifier was not actually on my list, I only got it by a fluke and I am glad I bought it.

It was on a “Buy 2 Take 1” promo for less than 200.00 pesos. I got the three variants—Unscented, Lavender, and Citrus. It was perfect for our kitchen that always has mildew spots and molds.

Initially, small balls can be seen in the upper section of the container.

Review on Daiso Japan's Dehumidifier

To open the container, the foil must be removed carefully leaving the thin white sheet or filter that covers the small balls. Finally, attach the main cover back to the holder.

Review on Daiso Japan's Dehumidifier

The small balls disappeared after three weeks and what was only left was the water collected in the lower section of the container.

Our kitchen reeks a lot lesser with the dehumidifier in it.

When do you need a dehumidifier? You need one when you see condensation on your windows or wet stains on your walls, or when your rooms smell musty, or when molds are visible, or when your floors feel dampish, or when your rooms have excess moisture. You can also stop using your humidifier in the meantime.

A dehumidifier helps maintain a proper humidity level in our homes.  Sure, there are more dehumidifiers available in the market, but they are very expensive. Daiso’s dehumidifier is the one that I am willing to spend for the time being. 😝

I hope this review on Daiso Japan’s dehumidifier will help you decide to buy one for yourself. Check here to find a Daiso store near you.


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