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Blog Revamped

I woke up yesterday feeling bored about how my website looks like, so I had it revamped!

Can you spot what I changed?

Basically, I shortened and changed some of the menu names, I re-arranged the stuff on the sidebar, I added the links of my Facebook page and Instagram feed (follow me?), I removed my personal twitter timeline because I post a lot of political tweets (EHE!), I have a Youtube vlog now (more on this later. I hope you can subscribe to The Vbloggeram. Waw! Amfeeling), and I changed the header image.

For the header, I was kind of torn between these two designs. I finally opted for the 2nd one because it bears the logo of my website. However, I would still want to change it. But, yeah, whatever.

First choice
The Bloggeram
Second choice

So, what do you think? 1st or 2nd?

A few minutes after I published the changes, my website suddenly became inaccessible through PLDT DSL. I was able to access other websites except this. I tried using my Globe Data, and it went okay. It was pretty annoying! I spent the whole afternoon today cracking this ~another~ PLDT hitch, and fortunately, I found out how to work it out. Read on here.


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