• How to File BIR 1700 Online

    How to File BIR 1700 Online

    The deadline for filing the BIR form 1700 or the Annual Income Tax Return (ITR) is April 15. Here is the guide on how you can file your BIR 1700 online.

  • January Favorites

    January Favorites

    I started my “(insert month) favorites” series last September because I want to document the books that I finished reading, the shows that I watched, the songs or podcasts that I listened to, the products that I enjoyed using, among others. Despite my immense desire to write a related piece every month, work and life always get in the way. So, this “January favorites” write-up is the second installment of this series.

  • Kwento time

    Hello and Happy New Year! This website will turn four years old in March this year, and I want to thank you—yes, you—for always visiting my online haven, oasis, and port in a storm. Thank you, you guys!

  • Travel requirements of the Bicol Region

    It is the holiday season! If you are thinking of going to Bicol to spend Christmas and New Year with your family or simply visit this beautiful place, hold your horses because there are still strict travel requirements for most of the provinces and cities of the Bicol region.

  • September Favorites

    September Favorites

    The month of September went by so fast, the 2021 fiscal year of most companies has ended, and it is the Christmas season! I’ll be sharing with you in this post my favorites books, playlist, series, and quotation for September.