• COMELEC Registration 2021

    COMELEC Registration 2021

    The Philippines is a democratic country; thus, the citizens are the sole source of the government’s authority and sovereignty. You are actually vesting a momentous power to whoever you vote for. Do you realize the magnitude of this? In this post, I’ll discuss how you can complete the COMELEC Registration 2021, so you can vote next year.

  • No one is invincible

    No one is invincible

    Hiiiiiii! It’s been almost three months since my last post, and I missed blogging! Life had been crazy, and I just didn’t have the energy and the time to write the past months.  But now that I have both, I have so much I want to share, especially about COVID-19 and how it showed me that it does not choose who to infect and to spare. No one is invincible.

  • NBI Clearance Online Application 2021

    NBI Clearance Online Application 2021

    How to process an NBI Clearance Online Application in 2021 — online applications are especially helpful in this pandemic because of convenience, safety, and ease of use.

  • Five lessons I learned when I had acne

    Five lessons I learned when I had acne

    During the advent of the pandemic last year, I was very much into trying new skincare products that also, unfortunately, meant exposing my skin to irritation. I will share here the five most important lessons I learned when I had the worst acne in my entire life.

  • Fujidenzo Service Center in NCR

    Fujidenzo Service Center in NCR

    A couple of months ago, our Fujidenzo refrigerator broke down, and we asked assistance from the Fujidenzo Service Center in NCR. This post is about how our experience went with their service center.

  • What’s up?

    Hiiiiiii! How are you? This question never gets old, isn’t it? I am posting this one to share random updates.