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Fujidenzo Service Center in NCR

A couple of months ago, our Fujidenzo refrigerator broke down, and we asked assistance from the Fujidenzo Service Center in NCR. This post is about how our experience went with their service center.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how our TV gave up on us and how it was fixed by the Hisense Service Center. A few weeks after the TV was fixed, the refrigerator started to act up also. Is 2021 a year of broken appliances?

For some ill-timed reasons, our fridge decided to stop cooling when we had just bought meat, vegetables, and other food that need refrigerating. I immediately called Fujidenzo’s Service Department and they asked for my details before they scheduled a date for an initial checking. After two or three days, a technician came to our place and inspected the unit. It lasted for only 5 minutes and he reported that the compressor is already faulty and it already needs a freon refill. We paid Php 400.00 for that initial examination.

Since we purchased it more than two years ago, the warranty only covers the compressor and we need to pay for the service and freon refill which cost Php 3,800.00.

Two weeks later, two electricians came to our place, and, for this time, to fix the unit—replace the compressor and refill the freon. I thought it will be the end of it and we will go back to our normal lives without spoiled meat and food. Hardly! It stopped cooling again after just a few days! I needed to call them and asked for a reassessment. They went back and checked it once more. The repairman said that it was because of a leaking freon. I thought the issue was already addressed properly.

For the third time, the fridge stopped working yet again. This time, I was already pissed. Is what they did all along was a band-aid fix? It was too much of a hassle and inconvenience. Too much meat and food were already wasted! I reported this to the service department and they decided to pull the unit out, observe it at their shop in Tondo, Manila, and, hopefully, fix it successfully. The unit was taken from our place by two personnel a week before the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). It has been more than two weeks and they still have our fridge, understandably because the government has not lifted the ECQ yet.

We already paid them Php 4,200.00 in total. They asked us to pay for another Php 700.00 when they Lalamoved the unit from our place to their shop. We deferred the payment. We told them that we will only pay for that upon receipt of a fully functioning fridge.

Yesterday, after two weeks, somebody texted me from Fujidenzo that our unit is already irreparable. Of course, my first question was how about the Php 4,200 that we paid them? They said that it’s already non-reimbursable but we can buy a new unit from them with a 15% discount. Are you kidding me? We paid that much for nothing and they are selling a new fridge to us?! What a joke! I sent them series of texts questioning why on earth they will not give us the money back when they did not deliver the expected result that we paid for? It was an arduous exchange of messages, but their excuses were plain unreasonable and unfair.  But, long story short, they promised to give back the Php 3,800, deducted from the total amount was the payment for the initial check-up, next week. And you know what was the worst part about it? The person from Fujidenzo who replied to me showed no apology at all for all the inconvenience that they have given to us. Nada!

I am extremely disappointed with their service. We will buy a new fridge and it could be any brand but Fujidenzo.

Do you have the same experience with the Fujidenzo Service Center in NCR?


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