September Favorites
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September Favorites

The month of September went by so fast, the 2021 fiscal year of most companies has ended, and it is the Christmas season! I’ll be sharing with you in this post my favorites books, playlist, series, and quotation for September.

We will celebrate Christmas again in 76 days! It’s crazy how days just flew by. But before anything else, how are you holding up? Have you registered yet for the election next year? The Commission on Election will re-open the registration on October 11, 2021, and extend it until October 30, 2021. If you haven’t yet, please register! Here’s a short guide on how you can navigate through the process.

Anyhoo, as mentioned, I will be sharing with you my September favorites! Here you go:


If you had asked my younger self what books I was into, you’d get a list of fiction books. Fictions all the way! I love how novels tickle my imaginations, give me a roller coaster of emotions, and help me build my vocabulary. I love books, but I’m not a voracious reader, although I wish I were. Fiction books helped me develop a reading habit at such a young age (I owe it to my classmate who lent me her Harry Potter hardbound set!)  Nonfiction books used to bore me to death. It was just unbearable for me to read any of it. But when I reached my mid-20’s and started to have less time to read, I promised myself that I’d begin consuming nonfiction books, so I did, but at this point to learn, not to simply pass the time. September was a frenzied month at work, so I was not able to read much. My September favorites are The Marshmallow Test: Why Self-Control is the Engine of Success by Walter Mischel and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams and Reaching Your Destiny by Robin Sharma. Even though these books are at the two separate ends of the spectrum—Mischel’s book is backed by research and studies, while Sharma’s book is shored up by a fable—both books are equally good and are a gold mine of information, self-discovery, and epiphany. Both are short reads, so if you’re looking for something brief and light to kickstart your October, I recommend these two books.

September Favorites
Book cover photos are from the websites of Amazon and Goodreads.


It’s a shame that Colbie Caillat is always underrated. She and her songs are like that one friend who is laid-back, warm, kind, and who boosts your self-worth and encapsulates your feelings using the right words better than you can. Here are the songs I listened to (on repeat) last month from her various albums. Whatever I’m feeling or I’m going through or mood I’m in, Colbie Caillat is always a good idea.


Who doesn’t know Squid Game? I won’t be going on about it in depth because I got to the point already where there were no moments that I scrolled through a social media platform without seeing a meme about it. It’s surely a ferocious, ghastly, and gruesome (wait, these words are all synonyms) series. Bottom line: it’s gory. Although the story took place in South Korea and depicted a dystopian society, it echoed poignant and profound realities across the world. For one, because of crippling capitalism and sickening inequality, people are forced to sacrifice everything, including their lives, to survive and provide for their loved ones. It also portrays how some people would cheat and even kill other people for money. However, the end of the story shows that despite the hundreds of deaths, people still can be good. But my golly, what a bloody way to teach us about kindness and humanity.


“The only limits on your life are those that you set yourself.” – Robin Sharma


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