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Air Humidifier from Scentsmith Perfumery

I finally got an air humidifier and it was from the Scentsmith Perfumery.

The past weeks have been very stressful and if there was one thing that I was really looking forward to having, aside from Pizza, is an Air Humidifier—god, does this make me an official Tita?

Last Saturday, I and my friends met for some travel agenda. We did some window shopping and we talked about nonsense stuff, but ultimately, we ended up talking about Apple Cider for a faster metabolism, essential oils for curing headache, and humidifier for peaceful nights of sleep. How did we get so old like this? Lol. We did not stop in just talking, we actually bought a freaking air humidifier!

The funniest thing about it was that we kept on transferring from one store to another to snatch the cheapest deal. Imagine how tired my Tita self was from all the walking that we did.

We finally decided to get the air humidifier from Scenthsmith Perfumery which is, as of this writing, located on the 2nd floor, SM Megamall Building A. According to the store staff, they will relocate next year on the 3rd floor of the same mall.

We took advantage of their promo. I got their wooden humidifier and aroma oil, all for Php 1,798.00. If purchased separately, the former is Php 1,798.00 and the latter is Php 798.00.

Air Humidifier from Scentsmith Perfumery

The good thing about it is that it has a timer which you can set up to 2 hours, and it auto-turns off when it reaches the time you set.

But, the best thing about it? It has a light that changes every so often! 😀 Air Humidifier from Scentsmith Perfumery

Let’s talk about the most difficult task—choosing the aroma oil. There are a lot of scents—which are, by the way, all naturals—but the wisest thing for us to ask the staff is, “what is your best seller?” I was only expecting one name, but she gave us two fragrances. 🙄  I was again torn between the Lavender Tonka and the Orange Green Tea.

After smelling the two scents back and forth, I settled on the Lavender Tonka. You, guys, I realized that after spending too much time sniffing several fragrances, you would really have a hard time differentiating each from the other.

For me, Orange Green Tea comes on very strong, while the Lavender Tonka smells more relaxed.

Aroma Oil

This 100 ml can last up to two months, at least according to the staff. I diffuse two drops of this oil for the 100 ml of water.

The humidifier will not open or will automatically shut down if it has already nothing in it.

Their packaging looks very posh, and so is their store. Air Humidifier from Scentsmith Perfumery

They also have a branch in Greenbelt, Makati. You may visit their Facebook page.

Getting an air humidifier from Scentsmith Perfumery is probably the most practical thing I did while I was high on stress. Thank God, I did not end up in let-us-use-up-all-of-our-savings kind of shopping.

This thing helped me a lot in getting a good night’s sleep because amidst all the work brouhaha sleep is all I need, aside from money and pizza, of course.

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