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Kwento time

Hello and Happy New Year! This website will turn four years old in March this year, and I want to thank you—yes, you—for always visiting my online haven, oasis, and port in a storm. Thank you, you guys!

How were your holidays? As for me, I finally went home after almost two years of being cooped up at my place in Manila, celebrated Christmas and New Year with my family, and stayed there for a month. I eventually decided to go back to Manila because of the occasional brownouts and intermittent internet connection, thus interrupted work. Thankfully, I was not reprimanded by my supervisor. But I was thrilled that I spent the holidays and more with my family. Oh, how I missed them!

Before flying out from Manila, I secured the necessary documents, like the S-Pass permit and vaccination card. Although not required, I also had my RT-PCR test because my parents have comorbidities, and I wanted to ensure that I was not bringing the virus with me. I stayed home more often, except when we bought groceries, I met my high school best friends, and I swung by my college alma mater to request some documents. Oh, when I said I stayed home, I actually meant I stayed on my bed all day, every day. LOL. Not that I didn’t like it, but I was very unproductive for a month. I traded exercising, blogging, reading, and writing for binge-watching while lying down or sleeping. But to be honest, I loved every bit of it. LOL again. I also had some terrible Vertigo episodes while I was at home, so I think it was just apt that I cut myself some slack? IDK. LOL.

2021 was not a walk in the park for me. It was full of difficulties and uncertainties in many aspects, but I believe that it was one of my most grace-filled years, and I’m beyond thankful for it. The pandemic is still far from over. COVID cases are increasing exponentially, and it is frightening. Please continue being cautious, stay home, especially if there is no urgent need to go out, and get vaccinated/ boosted as soon as you can.

By the way, I already disabled the comments section for all posts because I received spam comments way too many and way too often. So, if you have any questions or feedback, you may reach me via the Contact page or drop me a message on The Bloggeram Facebook page.

May we all have a safe, healthy, prosperous, and blessed 2022! I cannot wait to share more stories with you. Thank you for sticking by. 💗

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