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Session Groceries Review

Session Groceries is an online platform that originally catered to households in Baguio City. It has expanded its reach to Metro Manila, Laguna, Rizal, Bulacan, and Cavite. I availed their service recently and I thought it would be nice to write a review about Session Groceries.

Session Groceries Farm to Table is an app that connects local farmers and consumers to support local agribusiness, promote a sustainable lifestyle, and educate the local community on the benefits of eating fresh, locally grown food. Aside from fruits, vegetables, Benguet coffee, and rice, they also deliver dried fish and meat, home and kitchen essentials, plants, meat, smoked products, among others. All are straight from farmers.

I am neither affiliated to the organization nor connected to any of their employees/ owners, I learned about them from the people I follow on Twitter last year. They were one of the few who immediately responded to the farmers’ plight about oversupply and low prices in 2019. From then on, I became an instant fan.

I planned to buy avocados last week but its price in giant supermarkets is just dang too much. Imagine, one medium-sized avocado would cost me 110.00 pesos. I instantly thought of the Session Groceries. I ordered my avocados, which were 180.00 pesos/ kilo, last Saturday and it was delivered four days after.

Anything that concerns farmers always hit home, so this short Session Groceries review is probably one of the most biased pieces I will ever write. But, this would be substantiated by other great feedback on their Facebook page. Some of the notable things I love about them are: (1) Their mobile app is minimalist and can be navigated through effortlessly; (2) There are no minimum orders; (3) Fruits and vegetables are all fresh; (4) They are using eco-friendly materials to pack the products; (5) They have excellent customer service, they provide timely updates on the status of the order, and they accommodated all my questions including the trivial ones— “how do I know po if these avocados are already ripe?” (I know. I am so dumb 😂); and most importantly (6) With a little mark-up for Session Groceries, farmers are still getting the actual production income that they deserve and that they worked hard for.

Session Groceries Review
This is a plantation of Benguet farmers. I took this photo earlier this year.

They currently deliver to Metro Manila and to some parts of Rizal, Laguna, Cavite, and Bulacan. To shop, you have to download their iOS or Android application first, then create your own profile in the application, and you are all set. They charge a delivery fee which varies based on your location. You may set your payment method to either Bank Deposit/ Online Transfer or Cash on Delivery.

Session Groceries Review
This photo is from their Facebook page.

Just like any other online shopping site, Session Groceries allows you to buy in the comfort of your own homes with no traffics, no long lines, and no hassle. While some of us may not mind buying produce from the nearby supermarkets with a few pesos more compare to ordering from Session Groceries, this tool provides us a meaningful way to help our local farmers.

If you don’t have any means to buy directly from farmers, please patronize these platforms and shop conveniently with a heart. This is a great way to help our hardworking farmers who are diligently working to provide the food that we need but are always seemingly trying to make both ends meet every day of their lives.


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