• Kwento time

    Hello and Happy New Year! This website will turn four years old in March this year, and I want to thank you—yes, you—for always visiting my online haven, oasis, and port in a storm. Thank you, you guys!

  • Travel requirements of the Bicol Region

    It is the holiday season! If you are thinking of going to Bicol to spend Christmas and New Year with your family or simply visit this beautiful place, hold your horses because there are still strict travel requirements for most of the provinces and cities of the Bicol region.

  • No one is invincible

    No one is invincible

    Hiiiiiii! It’s been almost three months since my last post, and I missed blogging! Life had been crazy, and I just didn’t have the energy and the time to write the past months.  But now that I have both, I have so much I want to share, especially about COVID-19 and how it showed me that it does not choose who to infect and to spare. No one is invincible.

  • Goodbye 2020: A year like no other

    Goodbye 2020: A year like no other

    Who would have thought or even imagined that this year will shut the whole world down? But today we can finally bid goodbye to 2020: A year like no other.

  • Ways to Help Amidst the COVID19 Crisis

    Ways to Help Amidst the COVID19 Crisis

    With the ballooning number of COVID-19 confirmed cases and deaths, there are many ways to help amidst the COVID19 crisis. Now, more than ever is the right time to show support to our brave frontliners, scientists, and most vulnerable sectors.