Surviving the Wisdom Teeth Extraction
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Surviving the Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Surviving the wisdom teeth extraction is one of the toughest things that some unlucky human beings dread but bloody need to do.

Five years ago, I had a panoramic x-ray and my dentist told me that I have impacted wisdom teeth which need to be removed. I didn’t feel any pain and it was very costly for me at that time, so I told her I’ll save up first for that.

That never really happened until this month.

Early this year, I noticed that my bottom left wisdom tooth partially erupted, but a flap of gum still covered the rest of the tooth. It started to become painful also. I asked the price of the procedure from the dental clinics in Makati. On average, it’s P8,000 – P15,000 PER TOOTH, depending on how severe the case is! Shookt me. I thought, there’s no way I would spend P30,000 for the extraction; so, I, being my frugal self, put that off for months again.

But, it’s true that our bodies communicate with us in excruciating ways. I knew that I have to have it removed immediately because the pain did not go away for weeks and I noticed that my mouth started to emit an unpleasant odor.

Since it would be the first time ever that I’ll have a tooth extraction, I was wary about choosing the right person who will perform the surgery. And another consideration is, there’s no way I would spend P30,000 (ulet-ulet?) At first, I didn’t think it would be possible to get the best doctor for a cheaper price, but I pick my way through the online forums with discussions about wisdom teeth extraction. I also learned that it would be best to entrust the surgery to an Oral Surgeon and not just to a General Dentist. I started to list my better and cheaper (never forget) options, and thankfully, I came across the UDC, which I have a write-up here.

Day 000

I requested for a schedule of my check-up.

Day 00

I had a check-up with their Chief Oral Surgeon and I had a panoramic x-ray.

He said that both of my bottom two wisdom teeth are impacted and need to be taken out. He also mentioned that both teeth are touching my nerves so I may experience Paresthesia (or prolonged temporary numbness) during and after the operation. He also explained that my right tooth is a more severe case and he would need to cut it in two before taking it out.

While I also have a set on top, the surgeon said that I may not need to have it removed because they are “deeply embedded” and may not cause any problems (Thank, heavens!).

Weeks before the operation, I was that person who googled and asked friends these:

“Tips in surviving the wisdom teeth extraction.”

“Guides in surviving the wisdom teeth extraction.”

“Surviving the wisdom teeth extraction 101.”

“How to escape the procedure so I don’t have to look for tips in surviving the wisdom teeth extraction.”

“Dua Lipa’s tips for surviving the wisdom teeth extraction.”

I have to tell you also that days before the surgery, I ate everything I want because the post-operation includes depriving myself of scrumptious food and sticking to boring food unless I want to jeopardize the recovery period.

Two nights before the surgery, I bought all the soft-food that are recommended to eat during the post-surgery like oatmeal, milk, Greek yogurt, popsicles, and ice cream (best thing ever!).

I cried a whole lot the night before the gory day because I have to go to the clinic alone and I have to take care of myself after as I am far from my parents. I also prayed for strength so I won’t pass out during the operation (ang OA lungs).

Day 0

I went to the clinic for the extraction. When I arrived, I was asked to enter the Dental Treatment Room. I told the surgeon that I want the two teeth to be removed all at once because that’s how brave I was, or so I thought. Then, he explained how he will extract my left and right teeth.

I was asked to lie down, and I started to recite this Bible verse in my mind:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).

This does sound cheesy, but I was freaking scared. I want everything to go well and I know that only He can give me the true strength to endure that ordeal, not the anesthesia, not the nurse who opens my mouth when it tries to succumb to cowardice, and not even the doctor.

The bloody procedure began. He sprayed something on my left and right teeth. Another injection came next and I also felt how he “sliced” my gums. Lol. It was painful but tolerable. In any case, the local anesthesia is beginning to take effect. 20 minutes passed, my left tooth was taken out and he began to stitch my gums. He asked me to gargle and to rest for a few minutes. Then, he continued to the right side. Since it was a more severe case, he needed to inject anesthesia to my nerves. For a few times, he told me to open my mouth wide and I knew I looked horrible but kebs na.

After more than 1 hour, the bloody operation was over. He asked me to gargle again but, man, I can no longer feel my lower lip! The water voluntarily comes out of my mouth!

Then, the doctor discussed the diet and reminders in surviving the wisdom teeth extraction. I left the clinic without feeling groggy at all. I immediately took the Mefenamic.

Two hours passed, the anesthesia wore off and the hellish feeling started to sink in. (jusko, bakit ba may wisdom teeth pa?!) I can feel so well that there are stitches in my mouth.

Day 1

My cheeks were so swollen, and I looked pretty much like a chipmunk.

I applied cold compress 4x a day. I had yogurt for breakfast, ice cream and scrambled egg for lunch, and Pizza Hut’s Cream of Chicken soup and Banana Split for dinner. I started to brush my teeth, but very very gently.

Day 2

My cheeks were still swollen, and my lower lip was still waaaaay numb.

I ate oatmeal for breakfast, mashed potato for lunch, and mushroom soup and mashed potato for dinner. While I was scrolling my Facebook feed, I came across the Crispy Pata post. 🙁 Not yet, self. Not yet.

I started to gargle warm water with rock salt. Apparently, it is more advisable to use rock salt than iodized salt. I applied cold compress as much as I can.

Day 3

Cheeks were still puffy, and the lower lip was still numb (Paresthesia, everyone). I had to call in sick to work again because pain is still unbearable.

Day 4-13

I started coming to work with my mask on because my face was still engorged AF. And, deaaaaar, can someone just take my head off my body? I wasn’t prepared for that kind of pain! I had to take Mefenamic for several times because it was very excruciating, my human body can’t take it sometimes.

The wound hasn’t healed fully yet. So, I haven’t tried eating rice just yet, and for almost 2 weeks, I have already mastered the art of chewing using my front teeth.

Week 2 

I had a follow-up check-up with the Surgeon. I complained that my breath stinks. He checked the wound and he said that it heals just fine. Apparently, the foul odor comes from the sutures that haven’t melted yet and already has food remnants on it.

Final thoughts

A friend asked me if I had to do it all over again, would I have the two teeth removed all at once?

First of all, there’s no way I would do it all over again even in my dreams! But, for the sake of answering the question — Yes, I would have it taken out all at the same time to avoid experiencing the same pain twice.

Wisdom teeth surgery is no walk in the park. In surviving the wisdom teeth extraction, someone needs to be prepared emotionally, physically, and financially.

Post-extraction care is as important as finding the right surgeon, and one part of it is choosing to ignore all the delicious food no matter how hard it gets.

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