New Year's Resolutions
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New Year’s Resolutions

I have been doing New Year’s Resolutions for several years now, you know that New Year, New Me useless thing, but each time I try I always fail. This year, I vow to commit myself in keeping these resolutions to the best of my ability—not letting most of it falls through before the end of January. (Weeeeh?)

They say that New Year’s resolutions are just fad that people fall into every January, then totally forget about it for the rest of the year. Is that true? For some (including me), it could be the case. While some see this as a sensation only, this could also serve as an assessment of how our days went last year and what are the things that we have to work on so we could live this new year better.

That being said, here are the goals that I want to achieve this 2019:

1. I will be healthier.

I will fill my body mostly with healthy food but I will have a cheat day once a month (or can we make it once a week?). I will do short exercises at home for 1 hour and I will jog every Saturday (but first I will buy new running shoes).

2. I will not accept a job with a graveyard shift (or unless the price is right or maybe not). The thing about me is I easily get dizzy and get bruises if I do not get enough sleep or do not sleep at the right time. I need to consider it seriously because I have a seems-like-forever battle with anemia (thanks, Mother! Great genes). I am looking for sustainable alternatives for Iron supplement because I do not want to pop it for eternity. Do you know any? Suggestions will be gladly accepted.

3. I will write and read more.

Writing and reading are two of the things I will not probably get tired of doing… second to sleeping. Last year, life got in the way with a myriad of distractions. This year, I will write one article per week (as long as I have something to write about) and I will read three books a month (a combination of fiction and non-fiction because I am too gaga over the former).

4. I will use, if not zero, less plastic and tissue. I will also encourage others to throw their small trashes in the right place. Through the influence of a friend a few years back, I started to exert a conscious effort to keep my bitty rubbish in my pocket/ bag if there are no available trash cans yet.  

5. I want to improve my habit of tithing and sharing my blessings to the right organizations. I don’t believe in handing money out to people who roam the streets. It is better to give through reliable charities or communities who have programs for the less fortunate ones. 

These are the resolutions that I am (semi) confident of achieving. Maybe I will add later.

Experts suggest that for the New Year’s resolutions to stick, it must follow the S.M.A.R.T goals. It should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-limited.

Am trying to be smart to think something S.M.A.R.T to add. Be right back.

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