Leave women alone at the gym
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Leave women alone at the gym

I was feeling extra stuffy last week so I decided to go to the gym, which was a few steps away from my place, alone. I was hesitant at first because I know that there are creepers who do not know how to leave women alone at the gym. Also, it was my first time that I will be going there all by myself. I was a member of a couple of gyms before and I never experienced any problem in working out, unaccompanied.

When I entered the gym premise I got excited because hardly anyone was there. It turns out that there was a pack of guys flexing their muscles behind a partition. Shoot, I thought. I  noticed some unsolicited ogles. But, I really did not mind because I was wearing proper, no, more of a lousy, attire and there was nothing desirable about me. Lol!

The show must go on.

I wore my earphones, played my songs and hit the Elliptical machine. After seven minutes or so, my knees started to tremble, so I looked for some spot away from the flexing guys to rest. I was still wearing my earphones, because, yes, it was my way of saying of “I am not really interested in talking to you”. Two guys approached me, one of them was the trainer. The latter asked me if I am interested in getting a trainer and I said, “No. I am fine. Thank you”. I thought he will leave and wish me a fun time in the gym. But, nah, he asked if I am alone and I was like, “Yes, I am. Can’t you see? And does it even matter?” He asked me more questions like where do I live, how old I am, do I need help, and he even touched (lightly) my back to explain that the back fat is one of the complaints he usually gets from women who hire him as a trainer. I thought, “Who the fudge cares?” I heard the other guy chuckled and he babbled something. I started to feel uncomfortable. I got my phone and pretended that someone was calling, and exited the place.

This was not the first time that I went to this gym. Though I was with someone during my previous visits and no one dared to walk up to me.

When I got out, I realized that I was a coward. I was forming a loquacious retort in my head when they started to intimidate me but I was just too scared to utter it. I should have said, “Kuya, pasensya po ha pero andito po ako para mag-work out. Hindi po ako nandito para makipag-kwentuhan or makipagkaibigan. Hindi rin po ako naghahanap ng trainer. Hayaan nyo po hihingi po ako ng tulong sainyo pag kailangan ko, pero for now can you just please back off po?”

But then, it got me thinking, maybe the guys who intimidate unaccompanied women are the scaredy-cat, and not me?  Women do not need to always have someone accompanying them in going to the gym or to anywhere for that matter. Boys, stop being such a douche! Leave women alone at the gym!

Can’t you just get that we are at the gym to work out? You need to let us! In essence, the place is not for dating or for hooking up or for flirting or for chatting or for creeping women out for crying out loud. It is not for your amusement, either!

Of course, men can talk to women in the gyms! Just be cool about it, dude—don’t be a creeper. Also, be wary of non-verbal cues. Just leave when you sense that you are already making her feel uncomfortable.

Feeling relieved, I walked back to my place. I holed up in there for the rest of the day and thanked God that I reached my oasis in one piece.

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