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GrabBae for the #KiligForEveryone

I was torn between booking for a Grab Car or a Share this morning but I ended up it availing the latter. When I got into the car, there was already a guy, whom I thought the person I was sharing the ride with, sitting. He greeted me and introduced himself. Apparently, he’s a GrabBae for the #KiligForEveryone. He discussed further that a Bae is randomly assigned to a driver/ car and its passengers (limited to 10 per day and for Grab Share only) will be in for a treat!

He said that I’m one of the lucky passengers to receive gifts from Grab. He blabbered on and on; but, I, being my introvert self couldn’t keep pace with him because the only concern I had on my mind was, “how will I make small talk with this guy?” Lol. Fortunately, by the time that he was about to ask me something, the girl that I’m carpooling with got in. Thank goodness for Kelly, she’s a chatterbox! So, his attention was redirected to her and they chatted non-stop.

He gave us gifts–small teddy bear with a KitKat and a Grab voucher.

The gift I received from Grab
Isn’t it sweet?

Then, he took out his Bluetooth speaker and to my surprise, he started serenading us! Kelly began to stream it live on Facebook. Ok, so I didn’t like to look boorish at this point, hence I started to record it too. We, including the driver, was singing along with him in the car like madmen. It was awkward but so dope! We took pictures until Kelly had to get off. I was anxious again because I had to talk to him till we reach my destination. Lol.

In general, the experience was definitely one for the books! 🙂

This is Grab’s way to promote their GrabBae for the #KiligForEveryone this February 12-14, 2019 where you can have the Baes serenade your special someone or your friends for free. Okay, maybe not totally freefree. You have to redeem 143 points from the Grab Rewards. Points may be redeemed from February 4-14 but you have to book the Baes, like how you would usually booked for cars, starting February 12 to 14 from 10AM to 5PM. For more information, you may visit the Grab’s site.

Love is truly in the air. ❤️


Note: Featured image is from Grab Philippines’ site.

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