Sizzling Plate Session Road's interior
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Sizzling Plate Session Road

If you are ever in the chilly Baguio City and you are looking for affordable food that would warm you up, I recommend the Sizzling Plate Session Road, aside from the good ol’ Good Taste.

It is a budget-friendly steakhouse located in the bustling Session Road. It has three other branches and notably one of which is at SM Baguio.

Whenever I am in Baguio City, one of the restaurants that always springs to mind is Good Taste but since we wanted to try something new we experimented with Sizzling Plate that appeared to be bustling when we were there. True enough, the place was jampacked and we had to queue for 15 minutes just to be seated. The good thing is they provide chairs for the waiting customers. While lining up, we requested the copy of the menu so we can decide on what to order.

The place was a little cramped but it has that rustic and cowboyish-vibe. The staff seemed limited, too.

The place was jampacked

We were finally seated beside one of the windows.

They say that their best seller is steak, obviously. But we ordered Sizzling Sisig and Sizzling Boneless Chicken just because we were not so into a steak that night. All orders come with Mushroom Soup, vegetables, and Java Rice or Bread.

Sizzling Sisig Sizzling Boneless Chicken Steak Sizzling Plate Session Road's Complementary Soup

I have always loved Sisig but I must say that what Sizzling Plate Session Road has was tasty but was not one of the best I tried. The Chicken was okay too. The soup was a little bland. What I love most was the vegetables—they tasted fresh and not overcooked.

Food is reasonably priced and tasted okay but not something that I went gaga over. Its location is accessible and a parking lot is available. Our pockets were not hurt so the overall Sizzling Plate Session Road experience is 3.5/5.

Inside story: After we paid for our bill, I hurried to the toilet without thinking if the place has separate restrooms for male and female. I entered the first door that my eyes caught sight of because I was too busy thinking that my bladder is near an explosion. My first reaction when I got in was, “panghi naman dito“. When I came out of the room, there’s a guy waiting outside and he scrutinized me from head to toe, and I saw him glanced at the signage above the door. And I thought, “what is his problem?” When he finally got into the room, I looked at the signage and it says “Male“. There’s a room across which is for females. Yikes! I rushed back to our table so we can finally leave the place with my dignity intact.

Another tip of the day: Your kidney and bladder are everything, but always take a moment to ascertain if there are separate restrooms for each gender and only use the room that you are supposed to use. 😀

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