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54MW Pililla Wind Farm in Rizal

The Bangui Windmills is probably one of the most visited tourist spots in Ilocos Norte. So, it was a pleasure to discover that there is a nearer one, which is a 2-hour drive from Metro Manila–the 54MW Pililla Wind Farm in Rizal.

This first of its kind in Luzon outside the Ilocos Region is situated in Brgy. Halayhayin, in the municipality of Pililla. According to Alternergy, the company that spearheads this project, these 27 turbines produce 54MW per year that provides to approximately 66,000 households in Manila. Wow! And not to mention its sustainability, its role in reducing the carbon emissions, and the long-term benefits that can last generations. Furthermore, it becomes an instant tourist attraction and it provides new streams of income for the locals.

“As the first wind farm project in Luzon outside of the Ilocos region, Pililla sits on land that is either owned by Alternergy Wind One Corporation or is leased from the Rizal Provincial Government and from private individuals and corporations. Pililla is interconnected with the distribution grid of Meralco (Manila Electric Company) through a dedicated, point-to-point sub-transmission line, located just 10 kilometers from the main line.

The close proximity to the main power load of the Luzon grid allows for low transmission losses and unconstrained dispatch of wind-powered electricity.” For more information on this case study, you may visit the Alternergy site.

At the back of the Visitor's Center

Before reaching the main site, we came across a kind of sub-site where there is a viewing deck. There is no entrance fee. After spending a few minutes or so here, we went straight ahead to the main site where you can find the Visitor’s Center. The place usually holds short talks that intend to educate the tourists on the good benefits of wind power through the information panels that they have.

I would say that it is probably is one of the fun ways to teach children how windmills work and how these benefit us. They could appreciate the lessons more as they can see these turbines from close range.

This area also has a wide-sweeping view of Laguna de Bay and gives us an up-close look to the wind turbines.

Laguna de Bay
Laguna de Bay
Windmill Up close
The gentle giant

But the best vantage point would be this place which is privately owned and there is an entrance fee amounting to 10.00 pesos per person. You have to climb uphill to see the beauty of these stunning giants.

The wind turbines

More wind turbines

Windmills and rainbow
We were blessed with a rainbow that day.
Two Windmills and a rainbow
Can you spot the rainbow?
Photo op with the turbines
My reluctant mowdel
Ganda ka?

There is nothing much to do in 54MW Pililla Wind Farm in Rizal aside from taking pictures and enjoying the glory of these windmills. Its beautiful sight, the freshness of the air, and the simplicity of life made me miss the life in Bicol. It made me miss home. ❤️

Other shot of the windmills
Aaaah. Just beautiful ❤️

And, oh, the roads leading to the Wind Farm is perfect for the mechanical run-in of your car or… just for the joyride while singing your heart out 😉

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