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Farewell, Alan Rickman

Last January 14 was one of the gloomiest days for Potterheads. We slept or wake up with the news of passing of Alan Rickman, one of the best loved Hollywood actors. Thoughtful tributes from his friends, colleagues, and fans poured in social media.



I don’t get too emotional over a passing of an idol that often, but man, this stings a bit. I am a self-confessed Potterhead and will always be. The Harry Potter saga will always hold a very special place in my heart. These were the first thick books (first book, actually) that I have ever read. I didn’t have any interest in books until I learned about the Harry Potter in 2005. Today, I don’t mind spending my whole day reading any kinds of book.

The world of wizards and witches, ghosts and giants, magic and reality would not be complete without Professor Severus Snape. The Harry Potter experience would not be complete without Alan Rickman portraying the Half-blood Prince. I thought there’s no other person who can damn well play the character.

Professor Snape, as ingeniously portrayed by Sir Rickman, was and will always be one of the antagonists I root for.


I am raising my muggle’s wand to thank and honor Alan Rickman who has been a huge part of my magical teenage years.

snape3snape 4

Rest easy, Sir.


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