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Review on Soban K-Town Grill Greenbelt

Thanks to my K-Drama life, Korean food has become one of my go-to things. I’ve tried several Korean Barbecue restaurants and there is this place that I usually frequent, so I might as well write a review on Soban K-Town Grill Greenbelt.

During peak hours, seats need to be reserved because the place is packed at these times.

Tables have metal dividers and might be shared with random strangers. Though each table has an exhaust shaft, we still leave the place smelling like cooked food.

The place is a little warm and it can feel uncomfortable sometimes. Maybe they can improve the AC temperature?

The first food served are the complementary side dishes (banchan), which you can have in unlimited refills, rice and soup.

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The ones that we usually order are:

Samgyupsal Set

– Grilled pork belly. Available in 120g and 180g.

Flavor: Original, Fruity or Soy Garlic

Price: 355.00 (120g)/ 405.00 (180g)

I usually go for Soy Garlic.

Dak Ganjeong Set

– Caramelized boneless fried chicken. It comes with one rice.

Price: 320.00

Deung Galbi Kimchi Chigae

– Spicy pork ribs and kimchi stew. This is Soban’s best seller soup/stew.

Price: 320.00

This is good for two persons.

For drinks, the Soban Iced Tea is the one I usually get.

Price: 60.00 (single)/ 110.00 (bottomless)

Soban’s staff are friendly and attentive. They ask whether you want a side dish refill or not (but of course that is what 10% Service Charge for).

They’ll request customers to fill out a survey form before leaving the place.

Soban K-Town Grill may seem intimidating at first because of it’s kind-of posh facade but you can definitely go Koryan Koryan and get full at a reasonable price.

Food – 4/5

Service – 4/5

Value for Money – 4/5

Place – 3/5


1. This is not a sponsored post.

2. The image used as background for the title is a royalty-free photo from Pixabay.

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