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Dyce n’ Dyne: A Place for Gadget Detox – A Review

In today’s world where Clash of Clans (COC)/ Boom Beach, other mobile apps, and social media always take precedence over face-to-face interactions, I yearn for places where I could have a temporary break-up from my mobile phone.

Last June 28, I and my friends went to Dyce N Dyne to have a lot normal art of conversation.

Dyce N’ Dyne’s facade
Cool table

Even their clock is too nerdy, I don’t know how to read it. LOL

Here are the reasons why Dyce N Dyne is the perfect place to disconnect from your gadgets and to reconnect to your friends and loved ones:

1. They have no wi-fi. 

Oops, I guess this turns a bad point for you. You, who consider no constant connection to the Internet as unimaginable and unbearable. Sure, you can use your mobile data. But consider your stay at Dyce N Dyne as a liberation from your phone and a digital detox. Ditch your guilt and take on a few-hours staycation with your friends!

2. They have great food. 

Would you not dump your gadgets if you are served with delicious food which you can share with your friends? Hell yes! These are some of their to-die-for food:

Seven Eight Fries
Rarrr Gising Gising
Chicken Skin of Avalon

Chicken Skin of Avalon and Rarrr Gising Gising are match made in heaven.

3. They serve the coolest drinks (by Chemistea). 

Behold, the geekiest drinks EVER! Yes, you will stop fiddling with your phones because your drinks in Erlenmeyer Flask and Beaker (whether you liked or hated chemistry!) are too alluring, too fascinating, and too engaging to ignore. I cannot deny the chemistry I had with Black Mango.
My favorite, Black Mango
Milo Dinosaur
Match Espresso

4. They have wide selection of board games. 

I never knew any board games other than snakes and ladders, chess, “dama”, scrabble, and monopoly until I laid my eyes on Dyce N’ Dyne’s board games rack. Heck, board games have changed a lot since I’ve been a kid.

Our favorite–No, Thanks
Cranium Zigity
No, Thanks
Love Letter

5. They let you and your friends laugh your heart out loud. 

 Because what’s playing with your friends without laughing and goofing around?
With friends

Our work usually gets a large chunk of our time and when we do carve out some leisure time, we’re more likely to spend it in front of our gadgets than engage in fun activities. But just because we’re adults, that doesn’t mean we have to take ourselves so seriously and stop playing.

While many board games have corresponding mobile apps, I think one thing that the latter can’t offer is being with your friends and loved ones; With board games, you can play and laugh with them in person. That’s probably the main appeal.
Disconnecting from our gadgets helps us to reconnect with our tangible world, see things afresh, observe the poetry of life, share stories with friends in person, reconnect and look into the eyes of the people who matter most.
Dyce N’ Dyne lets you re-engage with the real world over food, drinks, and board games.

You may visit them at Unit 3, Elements, Rosemarie Bldg., Pasig Blvd (Across SeaOil), take PUJ bound for Pasig Palengke.

You may reach them at 09063078465 and you may check their FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/dycendyne

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