• Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Budget DIY Tour

    Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Budget DIY Tour

    I would like to share our Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Budget DIY Tour because do-it-yourself travels are always cheaper and more liberating. I have separate detailed posts for Singapore Trip, Kuala Lumpur Trip, and our review for the hostel we checked in to in Singapore. So, this post summarizes our itinerary, personal experience, and travel information. Our Singapore-Kuala Lumpur trip was a spur-of-the-moment decision just because we were brave like that. LOL. Also, it was the first time for us to go abroad because, again, we were fearless like that! 😛 Few weeks after I and Criz agreed on the date of our travel, I was already able to book our plane tickets…

  • Wandering in Singapore - bloggeram

    Budget DIY Itinerary in Singapore

    If Singapore was a guy, I would have fallen in love with him…truly…madly…deeply. No exaggeration because it’s simply gorgeous. <3 Here’s our budget DIY itinerary in Singapore.