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Review of ShippingCart

I recently used ShippingCart, and here’s my review.

On Black Friday and Cyber Monday last year, I saw many things I needed (wanted, truthfully) at half the prices, so I bought some of them. I could have shipped my packages to my brother’s home and asked him to send them to the Philippines, but the thing is I didn’t want him to tell my parents that I was spending my 13th-month pay prodigally. But the girl deserved some self-indulgence, so I used ShippingCart. I previously used JohnnyAir and wrote a review about it. I was satisfied with their service, but I didn’t like the manner of tracking and consolidation of orders. Also, their services are expensive, so I shifted to Shipping Cart.

ShippingCart is a third-party freight forwarder and works the same way as JohnnyAir. You will send your items to their addresses in the US, UK, Australia, Korea, or Japan, and they will deliver the package to your address in the Philippines.


  1. I love their mobile app! It is easy and straightforward to use and has a good user interface.
  2. They offer consolidation of items for free.
  3. They have 30-day free storage so you can shop, shop, and shop for more.
  4. They send photos of your package once it is received by their warehouse personnel.
  5. You get updated on the status of the items via the mobile app.
  6. They offer door-to-door delivery to your Philippines address.
  7. Shopping in the US is tax-free because their US warehouse is in Oregon.


Shippingcart is almost perfect but the biggest letdown which I just couldn’t turn a blind eye to and outweighs all the pros is that their process in their new Oregon warehouse was such a mess (and still is). They moved their US warehouse from Hayward, California to Portland, Oregon in November in the middle of Thanksgiving and Holiday sales! They surely anticipated the sheer volume of transactions, but their process just failed terribly.

I checked out and paid for my packages in December, before Christmas, but I received them in March (way unacceptable!) There are still customers who haven’t received their packages after 3 months or so. You can check their Facebook page. Their Customer Service is no use either. They just parrot the same replies without any exact estimated timelines, and expect the customers to be accepting and understanding just because they said sorry.

Quality of Service
Transit Time
Customer Support

Despite the overall low score, I would still recommend Shippingcart but I would avoid their US warehouse at all costs. You can utilize their warehouses in other countries until they have settled in Oregon, or you can employ other third-party forwarders altogether in the meantime.

That’s about it. I hope this review of ShippingCart helps you decide.

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