• How I Keep My Chicken Skin at Bay

    How I Keep My Chicken Skin at Bay

    For the not-so-blessed people like me who have to deal with several skin problems, we have to continuously find for ways to combat these predicaments. For me, chicken skin is one of my concerns and I will share in this post how I keep my chicken skin at bay.

  • First days of wearing braces

    First days of wearing braces

    Just a couple of weeks before my birthday, I decided to have braces and on this write-up, I will be sharing how I successfully went through my first days of wearing braces.

  • Tips to Spend Less and Save More

    Tips to Spend Less and Save More

    I want to share with you some tips to spend less and save more because once upon a time, I was terrible with money. I was living from paycheck to paycheck. I didn’t live in lavishness, but for some reasons, I just couldn’t track my expenses. I was always struggling to make both ends meet every month, and there were times that when worst comes to worst I would borrow money from my parents, which I never paid. Yikes! I had no decent savings, I had no insurance, I had no emergency fund. Zero, but I always had debts to pay. It was so stressful. Then, I knew that I…

  • New Year's Resolutions

    New Year’s Resolutions

    I have been doing New Year’s Resolutions for several years now, you know that New Year, New Me useless thing, but each time I try I always fail. This year, I vow to commit myself in keeping these resolutions to the best of my ability—not letting most of it falls through before the end of January. (Weeeeh?)

  • Surviving the Wisdom Teeth Extraction

    Surviving the Wisdom Teeth Extraction

    Surviving the wisdom teeth extraction is one of the toughest things that some unlucky human beings dread but bloody need to do. Five years ago, I had a panoramic x-ray and my dentist told me that I have impacted wisdom teeth which need to be removed. I didn’t feel any pain and it was very costly for me at that time, so I told her I’ll save up first for that. That never really happened until this month.

  • Leave women alone at the gym

    Leave women alone at the gym

    I was feeling extra stuffy last week so I decided to go to the gym, which was a few steps away from my place, alone. I was hesitant at first because I know that there are creepers who do not know how to leave women alone at the gym. Also, it was my first time that I will be going there all by myself. I was a member of a couple of gyms before and I never experienced any problem in working out, unaccompanied.

  • How to make stress a friend

    How to make stress a friend

    It’s been six months. I crushed it with no hitch but without being goody-goody either. The past weeks in my new job was not a walk in the park. If truth be told, this was the most stressful six months of my entire career life! But as I go on with this new chapter, I am finding other ways on how to make stress a friend.

  • Some days are for reads

    I cannot believe that it has been over 2 months since I updated this site! Work had been so stressful lately and weekends were for sleep, rest, and sleep. Did I mention sleep already? But regardless of how busy my work was, I was still managed to squeeze in reading novels…even if I had to do it in the wee hours because some days are for reads.

  • Ways to land an IT job

    Ways to land an IT job

    I had no single drop of technical blood in my veins. In fact, technology jargon used to make my nose bleed. But I badly wanted to get into the Information Technology (IT) field, and in this post, I will be sharing some of the ways to land an IT job even if you are a Business Graduate.

  • How I came to appreciate fart

    How I came to appreciate fart

    Well, scientifically I know how important fart is and its God-ordained purpose. But, deep down my core, I did not really value it as it has compromised my reputation, my name, and my dignity for several times already! Several days ago, life has taken it out that led me on how I came to appreciate fart.