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Honest review about Tiger Sugar

New milk tea shops are all over, some are appearing like mushrooms overnight. But, are they all worth the hype? Here’s my honest review about Tiger Sugar.

Manila’s milk tea fever is just insane! It is becoming like a staple drink next to water. People are queuing for hours and hours just to try these, and there’s no way I would do that, or so I thought.

But, as people say, kinain rin ako ng sistema.

I had time to kill before so I was able to try the new milk tea shops in the Metro, such as Yi Fang, Coco, and Tiger Sugar. Each of these stores has something unique to offer, and they all made me realize that the hype is real. But, among these stores, I think my favorite hype is the Tiger Sugar.

It originates from Taiwan and it has stores in Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore, and needless to say in Taiwan. Here in the Philippines, it has branches in Bonifacio High Street in BGC, in SM Moa, in SM North Edsa, in Eastwood City, and in Glorietta. It said to offer  one of the best tasting brown sugar milk teas.

I have tried in their SM Moa and BGC branches, and the lines in either stores are crazy! In both occasions, I ordered Brown Sugar Boba + Pearl with Cream Mousse.

So, let’s start digging up this honest review about Tiger Sugar.

1. Name

As originally mentioned here, it is called ‘Tiger Sugar’ because you will notice that at the onset the clustered brown sugar syrup kind of resembles the stripes of a tiger. 

Honest review about Tiger Sugar

2. Taste

It is nowhere near the classic milk tea flavor, but it is tasty, creamy, but not that sweet. You can instantly taste the brown sugar syrup, like the arnibal.

The Boba and the (mini-size) pearls are soft and chewy, but not that sticky.

3. Serving

Unlike the other milk tea shops which products come in different sizes like small, medium, large, the Tiger Sugar has one size only.

4. Price

The prices are reasonable as it range from 100.00 to 120.00 pesos.

Tiger Sugar menu

5. Queuing

While it is true that the line is always long, I am impressed with how efficient their process is. Once you give your order to them, you will be asked to wait until your number is flashed on their pager.

Tiger Sugar BGC

Pro tip:

Once you receive your order, you have to shake it for 15 times or more to disperse the brown sugar syrup which is concentrated at the bottom.


Maybe the Tiger Sugar’s management can consider introducing different sizes like of their competitors. Currently, customers have no option to lessen or increase the level of sugar or ice, so it would be nice also if we will have the freedom to adjust it according to our own preferences.

Where to Order:

Aside from going to their branches, you can skip the long queues by having it delivered by Lalafood. Upon checking today, June 2, Food panda, Honest bee and Grab food are not delivering Tiger Sugar yet.


Without counting the calories, Tiger Sugar is probably my handpicked milk tea craze.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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