HiSense Service Center in NCR
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HiSense Service Center in NCR

In this blog post, I will share with you my review of the HiSense Service Center in NCR and how they handled our issues regarding our HiSense Smart TV.

When you are looking for a basic Smart Television, there is a great chance that HiSense is one of the brands you consider because it is cheaper compared to other big names such as Samsung, Sharp, or LG. We bought ours in October 2019 from Abenson.

On random days in January this year, I noticed that the TV would flicker when I would turn it on. Then, sometime in February, it completely stopped coming on. I was worried because it was past one year and I thought the warranty has already lapsed.

I called their Customer Service team on a Saturday. The representative who assisted me was very accommodating. He asked me for details such as when and where did I purchase our TV, the model number, and the serial number which is posted at the back of the unit. Furthermore, he informed me that the warranty is valid for two years (Hooray!). After the call, we immediately went to their HiSense Service Center in NCR with our broken, pero lumalaban, na TV. 😂 Oh, we also brought the purchase receipt (very important)!

They have a spacious parking lot. They get the temperature and details of the person who will enter the service area for the contact tracing (no companion is allowed in the service area). Well, I stayed outside so I do not have an idea what that area looks like, but from where I was sitting, it appears to be capacious and clean.

They requested us to leave the unit with them for their checking and repair and they committed 3 to 5 working days for their feedback. On Tuesday of the following week, they called to inform us that the TV is ready for pick up! So, we went to their office right away because I was already itching to finish KathNiel’s The House Arrest of Us on Netflix. 😆

They tested the TV before releasing it to us, and they thoughtfully wrapped it using a cling film. And the best thing? It was free! We did not shell out any amount for the repair or check-up (Thank heavens for warranties!)

Overall, I am truly satisfied with the HiSense Service Center’s assistance. Their staff are reliable, helpful, efficient, and fast. I will gladly give them five out of five stars.

The HiSense Service Center in NCR is located in Lot 2, Block 1-A, Manggahan Light Industrial Park, Among Rodriguez, Manggahan, Pasig City. They have several open lines, which you can see on their Facebook page, that you can contact should you have any concerns about your HiSense appliances.


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