Favorite Quarantine Online Stores
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Favorite Quarantine Online Stores

Almost five months have passed but Metro Manila is still in a community quarantine. All of us are forced to adjust to this ‘new normal’, and part of it is switching to online stores to purchase both our needs and wants. Here are the six of my personal favorite quarantine online stores.

The two online stores that top the list are Shopee and Lazada, needless to say. Finds are always cheap, though please consider buying from Filipino stores first before going for China-based ones.

The following are the other favorite quarantine online stores:

1. Session Groceries

This is where I primarily purchase fresh and affordable produce. Also, you will get to help our hardworking farmers because the items are coming straight from them, mostly from Benguet. For deets, I wrote a review of this online platform here.

2. Farm to Metro 

For a few months already, avocado has become my go-to food. I usually eat one whole avocado per day, and I normally buy a few kilos from Session Groceries. However, there are days that Session Groceries has no available avocados, and in cases like this, Farm to Metro saves the day. They also have other products like mangosteen (another favorite of mine!), mangoes, and more. Though, their items are a little pricier than of Session Groceries because it comes from Davao farmers.

You can order from their website and you will receive a text notification once your order is confirmed. Their employees are pretty helpful, too. The first time I ordered from them, I realized that I forgot to add a couple of items. I texted them and asked if I can add it without creating a new order on their website so I can save a few pesos from the shipping fee. And they accommodated the add-ons right there and then. Hooray for excellent customer service!

And, oh, they also waive the shipping fee once you reach a certain amount and they give freebies (like fresh big carrots) 😉

3. Watsons Online

I just found out, like only a few days ago, that they accept orders online. The Watsons branch near my place has limited items and I am also hesitant to go to bigger malls, so I was really happy that I can order my toiletries, medicines, and other skincare products online! Submitting an order on their website was straightforward. The following day, they emailed me that they already shipped the items and should be delivered to me within twenty-four hours, and, true enough, I received it the next day!

If you do not want it to be delivered, you can opt for your orders to be picked up from any Watsons branch near you.

Also, the two best things about it are they accept Cash on Delivery and they safely pack the items.

4. ShopFella PH 

This is where I buy my washable masks. I had three separate transactions already with them, and so far, I have not encountered any problems. They have a wide array of masks choices and you can even choose your preferred design and color.

5. Sarah’s Bakehouse 

Two of their products that are to-die-for are the Burnt Cheesecake and Pecan Brownies (yum, yum, yum in my tum, tum, tum). I got to learn about them through artistas and influencers. But, they did not disappoint—the Burnt Cheesecake is heavenly and the best one I have tried so far, and their Pecan Brownies are chewy, tasty, but not too sweet. The process of ordering is very easy and the handler of their Instagram account is very responsive and accommodating to questions.

6. Basti’s Cake and Pastries

Last but not least is the online store where I get the yummiest and creamiest macaroons and their hindi-nakakaumay na choco flakes. Their products are reasonably priced—perfect as Christmas giveaways and gifts (shooocks! We are onto  -Ber months in a few weeks!!!) Ate Steph, the owner and also a very good friend of mine, is always willing to be of service. She even thinks of ways on how her customers can trim shipping costs. Connect with and order from them, guys, on Facebook. They are always online! 🙂


Experts doubt that this global coronavirus pandemic will cease anytime soon, but we must remain hopeful and prayerful. In these trying times, I hope we all help each other and support businesses, especially the small and local ones.

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